Review of Garlic Breath

Garlic breath by Carmel cannabis

Garlic Breath by Carmel

Just like the never-ending debate of Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) living in a dream world or not from the movie “Inception”, I feel the flower stimulates similar contradicting high of both Sativa and Indica at the beginning. Given I am a secret admirer of “White Widow” (a flower, in my opinion, occupies the middle seat of Sativa and Indica), the immediate effects resemble similar high (resulting in love at first sight). From the first couple of puffs, I gain a smooth and mellow high. And like a faithful lover, it felt the high is happily committed in our arrangement. Garlic Breath makes me gigglish and engaging simultaneously. I feel no munchies and my first impression suggests that the flower is not familiar with the term “Mouth Dryness”. Sativa high of this beautiful flower is relatively short-lived, and the Indica starts to take over momentarily; however, the transition is filled with laughter and joy.

30 mins after….

As mentioned, Garlic Breath does not give up on me, and the mellow high from the start stays with me to comfort and console like a committed life partner through thick and thin. Mouth dryness quickly kicks in, and I had to drink water before the timer finished my 30-minute count-down. At this stage, I started to feel slight munchies, but I am able to disregard my cravings. Having said that none of these subsides the high, since the giggle factor starts to dominate with every passing second.

In a word, I would say it is a flower that is mischievously mysterious. Since, the transition of dominance happens right under my nose, but I can never pinpoint the time and place.

Dr. Green

A loving husband, father, professor of economics and a weed enthusiast.


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