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Nebula II CBD from Divvy

Nebula II CBD pre-rolls by Divvy

Me, myself and I! According to Adam Smith, that is all we need to care about to achieve a socially optimal outcome – often referred to as “Invisible Hand” (that says every rational economic agent should worry about self-interest). This simple idea is the core foundation of modern-day capitalism and the only principle used to study economics. But what if this decision is engineered so carefully from the production side that the demand side of the economy is left with no decision to make. For example, fast fashion. I mean, since when Zara or H&M started deciding what color of shirt looks good on me this summer or coming fall? Since when, a color becomes uncool to put on next season? All of these tiny threads tied together formed the rope to hang my identity, while every rotten tool of capitalism joined hands to cheer and witness the event. Nebula II crossed my path when I was standing in such a cross rode of my life. This balanced CBD-THC flower is slightly sativa dominant. The smoke immediately helps me relax. I mean, obviously, it cannot solve the problems catered by fast fashion since it is a social problem and requires reformation of our social structure, but every time it frees my mind from the cage of capitalism. It has a very smooth highness that leaves me completely functional and makes every day work fun. Interestingly, the smoke leaves a mouth-watering sweetness and I never feel thirsty.

30 mins after…….

The highness does not fluctuate at all since the intensity of THC is very low. However, I feel very relaxed and it also calms me down. My tendency to think about social problems often leaves me with a bad headache. Nebula II, every single time works like magic and, at least to me, works as a natural remedy to treat my headache. I feel no munches, neither do I feel thirsty. The sweetness still remains.

Often, I feel, it is very simple to be happy, but so difficult to be simple. Nebula II, makes my life simple – the way almighty intended.

Dr. Green

A loving husband, father, professor of economics and a weed enthusiast.


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