Review of Ice Cream Cake

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Strange as it may sound, both time and space do indeed warp around massive celestial bodies. Nolan unveils this phenomenon in the movie “Interstellar” by Miller’s planet that orbits around a black hole named “Gargantua”. A planet where every hour accounts for 7 years here on earth. Like everyone else, the scene makes me fantasize about such an experience. Obviously, I cannot travel to other galaxies to experience such a phenomenon, but I can try Ice Cream Cake! The flower may not warp time to the extent of Miller’s planet, but this Indica dominant flower can definitely slow time down. Aside from the time dilation effect, the joint resembles a smooth-sweet-menthol smoke that reminds me of pumpkin pie. The Indica high starts with a strong thirst factor and glues me to my chair. Just like the punishing gravitational pull from Miller’s planet, the high makes my body extremely heavy. The dance with Indica disengages me from the conversation but makes me giggle without any reason.      


30 min after…


30-minutes feels like hours of endless circular conversation. However, the experience is not intimidating like the astronauts travelling to Miller’s planet. The strong body-high stops my neuron communication. As a result, I lose my train of thought multiple times with any conversation. At this stage, I can look at the TV screen with an animated Windows-98 screensaver running through my mind. Apart from this, I had to drink water before my 30 minutes time barrier, and my craving for salty snacks intensifies with every passing moment. Lastly, the Indica high is relatively short-lived. But the return from a joyful 2-2.5 hours trip feels like a whole night.  


To measure the degree of time dilation, I will have to invite Einstein for an evening of dinner and “Ice Cream Cake”. I am sure he would be hypnotized by the flower's potential to demonstrate time dilation.

Dr. Green

A loving husband, father, professor of economics and a weed enthusiast.


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