Has the vape battery run out? Follow these tips to take care of your vaping device

Vaping is very appealing to millennials as it is part of the new wave of tech gadgets. Manufacturers compete to ensure these gadgets are very sleek and cool-looking to keep their interest. The Vaping devices give out flavors, whether it's nicotine or THC, to people who use them. Vaping experience can be great, but you should keep these tips in check to make your vape lasts long. Below are some tips that you can follow to make your vapes last longer.

Always use the charger that comes with the device.

A charger that doesn't work with the device can send too much electricity into the batteries, which can cause them to overheat and then explode (yes, that’s right, these devices as safe and cool as they look can be as dangerous as explosives). The basics of this aren't hard to figure out. First, use the right e-cig charger for your vape device to ensure it works well.

This is important. So, maybe Apple has a bad habit of changing the charging cable with each new phone or tablet? So, you can only use an Apple charger to charge your phone or tablet. Maybe that makes them and us safer.  

Batteries & Chargers

There is a chance we haven't paid attention to batteries and chargers in the past. Believing that no bad gear can get in because we have high standards in Canada. This isn't right. Poor-quality products do enter the Canadian market, and you can find them at stores that aren't well-known. It doesn't matter how many vape battery chargers you have because not all of them are the same. The good ones can go wrong, too, even if they are well made.

  • It's important to buy from reputable vendors, and it's also important to use the charger that comes with your e-cig or comes from the same company as your e-cig.

  • There are a lot of chargers out there. You can buy cheap ones from market stalls, but we don't think you should. Buy cheap, buy twice.

  • Keep your vape chargers separate. Do not mix and match them with each other.

Do not buy cheap vaping devices or chargers.

E-cigarette users are being told that it is not worth risking their lives to save a few dollars by buying dodgy, dangerous, or incompatible chargers that don't work.

  • Always buy the best you can afford, which usually means going to a store that sells high-quality goods or makes their goods like Trinity Flower only sells high-quality products to its customers. Then, if you don't mix and match, you should be safe. For example, make sure you don't mix and match e-cigs and their chargers because that could cause them not to work or even worse, work explosively!

  • It's better to go to the vendor and buy a new charger than go to the dollar store or the market stand. Your life is worth more than that. 

  • It's important to ensure that the charger you're using is getting the power it needs from your USB port or AC adapter and that the output is enough for the device you're charging. Different chargers are used for different things, and it's not a good idea to cross the streams in general.

  • You can get car chargers for your car as well as a wall charger to use at home. You can also get USBs for your computer and other USB power sources.

You need to buy e-cigarettes from reputable stores.

We've already said this, but it's still important. A good e-cig store should sell you your vape battery chargers.

  • If you aren't sure about the company you will buy from, ask them. You can be sure that people who sell legitimate vaping products will be able to show you safety certificates and give you advice about how to use them.

  • The chargers generally come with a 12-month warranty. So if you have a pen-style starter kit or batteries that you can take out, your charger should be the best on the market.

It's important to be safe when charging an e-cigarette.

Always check the voltage requirements of any power source to make sure it will work. Using too much power from some devices, like laptops and iPads, can overheat the battery and cause it to leak. This can damage the battery and cause it to die.

  • Avoid multi-socket extension cords, which can overheat and short-circuit if they're too full. But, of course, this is what any fire safety expert would tell you to do.

  • Don't leave your e-cigs charging overnight or when you're not around. Not all chargers turn off when they're full, and if something goes wrong, you need to be there quickly to help.

  • When the battery is fully charged, unplug the USB charger or the wall plug charger that came with your phone.

  • If your e-cigarette is broken, don't charge it!

  • Charge your e-cigarette away from kids and pets.

Once again, exploding e-cigs are not very common, but they happen. If you bought your e-cigarette and the charger from the same place, make sure you read the instructions! Or you can buy your high-quality vape battery and cartridge from Trinity Flower.




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