First Time Smoking Weed: What to expect?

The first time you smoke weed, you're likely to have some questions and be a little nervous. However, smoking marijuana for the first time can be fun and memorable if you follow a few simple rules.

How to Prepare for a Trip

How can you have the best experience possible when you smoke marijuana? These tips will help you get ready for your first time with Mary Jane:

Find the right thing.

Finding the right thing is risky because if you buy your marijuana from illegal resources, they won't tell you about the effects or how much is sufficient dosage for you. But when you buy from a certified dispensary like Trinity Flower, our educated staff will tell you how much dosage is safe to use, especially if you are smoking weed for the first time. 

A smoke of any kind can hurt your throat and lungs. However, when it comes to some medical conditions, smoking cannabis has an immediate effect that helps them, making it safe to use.


Vaporizers cut down on the amount of smoke to some degree. People who use high-quality vaporizers and use the right materials get the most out of it. However, many vape juices have unpleasant additives and polyaromatic hydrocarbons, which can cause many health problems for people who use them. Therefore, you should always buy your vaping materials (and all cannabis products) from a genuine & certified dispensary.

If you want to use a vaporizer, you need a high-quality one that can use well-grown cannabis flowers and well-extracted hashish. Finally, choose a good strain to start your cannabis journey with.

Start small.

If it's your first time smoking weed, the best thing to do is to dose low and slow to avoid having a bad trip. Take a few short puffs, then wait. Wait longer than you think you need to. And maybe wait a little longer. A low, slow experience is a simple way to keep bad things from happening to you. If you smoke cannabis, you won't have to wait long before knowing how it makes you feel.

Keep yourself in the right place.

You need to be in the right physical and mental state to have a good first smoke. Choose a time when you feel good on every level. In the next step, choose a place where you feel completely at ease. Smoking in public is against the law, so you should do it at home if you want to do it. In addition, you might also like to be with people you trust, especially if they have smoked marijuana before.

Clear your calendar.

After you smoke marijuana for the first time, you may be very tired. So, don't smoke before you need to work, drive, or do anything hard. Instead, allow your body time to process the experience by letting it enjoy the art of not doing anything until the effects of the experience fade away on its own.

Expect to see quick, intense results.

Smoking or vaping cannabis has a faster effect than most other methods, so be ready for a quick hit. First, they go right through your lungs and into your bloodstream. Then, they go right to the brain. On the other hand, Tinctures and edibles go through the liver first, which is why they take longer to make you feel something.

THC is the main cannabinoid that makes you feel high when smoking or eating cannabis. The entourage effect is when many other cannabinoids and terpenoids work together to make cannabis better for you. On the other hand, Hemp CBD also helps to "control" the THC high.

Be ready to cough.

Anyone who has never smoked should expect to cough when they inhale marijuana smoke for the first time. Even people who are very familiar with cannabis cough when they smoke blunts or joints. Marijuana, especially flowers, is a plant matter with a lot of water. When burned, the smoke will be thick and make you cough.

People also cough because of the ash that comes from the smoke. Unfortunately, the combination of smoke and hard coughing can cause headaches in some people, but this is not always the case. These coughing headaches usually go away quickly, but they should be taken into account by medical cannabis users looking for migraine relief.

Europeans who like to smoke marijuana mix it with tobacco to "smooth out" the harshness and make it last longer. Tobacco is drier and helps the marijuana burn. But it doesn't work for everyone. Tobacco's risks are well-known, and it would be irresponsible to recommend someone who has never used it to mix it with cannabis. You should also remember that blunt papers are made with tobacco, so people from the US mix cannabis and tobacco without realizing it.

Trinity Flower says that you should smoke extracts through high-quality pipes with a built-in ash catcher if you want to smoke pure weed. Pipes may be less harsh than blunts. There is less plant matter to burn and no paper to deal with pipes. When someone is new to cannabis, they could spend a little time getting used to using a pipe by pure smoking cannabis over a few days.

It doesn't matter how you smoke cannabis for the first time, but know that coughing is a common side-effect. To learn more or buy genuine, high-quality cannabis products, keep shopping from the best online dispensary, Trinity Flower.


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