Review of Blue Dream pre-rolls

Blue Dream prerolls by Pure Sunfarms

Photo credit: Pure Sunfarms website

Why does a happy memory seem like a moment, but a sad memory seems like an eternity? Why when we look back, life seems to be a stream of endless struggles with few happy episodes scattered randomly like savored beef crumbs on a Dominos large pizza? It is because our brain pays close attention to every single detail during a struggle. As a result, when we recollect memories from the pages of our book of life, we remember all the details from struggles. But good memories are only remembered by the event titles. But what if we can break this feature of our brain? What if mother nature offers a way to bend the rules of our neural network. In a nutshell, this slightly sativa dominant flower just makes me happy with a time dilation effect. At the beginning, while smoking the joint, my brain jumps from topic to topic. However, very soon, the high leaves me mostly functional and engaging. Watching a movie with my partner always seems like an awesome activity.

30 mins after…

As I approach my 30 minutes time barrier, the high settles down. Now, I mostly feel heavy headed, but still am fully functional to conduct any task. The best part is, at this stage I am really happy and can enjoy almost anything. The Indica side of the flower slows down the clock. As a result, a 2-hour trip seems like a long break filled with a lot of happy memories with details printed in my brain. I always need some water, at this stage, and my craving for sweets intensifies. On a side note, the pre-rolled joints by “Pure Sunfarms” have a tendency to canoe (3 out of 10 joints to be specific). I had to work quite hard to fully smoke 2 other joints as well. That is just poor-quality rolling, according to me.

Blue Dream is like a magician, who can uplift your mood with a sleight of hand.

Dr. Green

A loving husband, father, professor of economics and a weed enthusiast.


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